Monday, 10 December 2012


This day is sad but I will strive,
to channel the feelings burning inside,
into some good things, she will select;
And through her spirit she'll protect,
So when I do, do these good things,
her graceful echo transmits and sings;
And through my acts she'll resonate,
in this world and in my fate.

I am depleted but not defeated,
Now through my acts I'll be completed;
There'll be rocks on which I stumble;
But I bounce right back no time to tumble;
She'll drive me on to greater heights,
Give me the strength to win my fights.

I’m a lightning rod in a barrage of bolts,
Galvanised by the stream of volts;
I'll take this chance to change the pace,
and make the world a better place;
Instinct says survive and thrive,
I'll use this force myself to drive.

I'll say what I mean and mean what I say,
Do deeds that matter, and count every day;
Bites of life I'll sweetly savour,
In all its texture, all its flavour;
I'll paint pictures like Matisse,
I'll make my life a masterpiece;
Keep things simple every day,
Eat, sleep, love and maybe pray;
I'll care for me and the ones I love,
I'll nail this mission from above.

Through such things I'll be alive,
But first I pause so to revive;
Til good and ready, I will rest,
then steel myself for this great test.

That is all, I must now sleep;
May the sunrise remind me this promise to keep.


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