Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another Day on Foulis Ward (at Royal Brompton)

Another day on the ward they call Foulis
I wake up and wonder quite how my bowel is
But in comes the nurse with the morning IV's
My chest feels a bit better, just a little wheeze

I think I've gone paler
I'll try an inhaler

Trundle, trundle – here comes the food truck
Something tasty, with a bit of luck
My belly's still full, I hope it all fits
You can't go wrong with cheese and biscuits

Spirometry, obs, sats and levels
They can all be little devils
They’re bits of a jigsaw along with the sputum
You might not like 'em, but you can't dispute 'em

To help my condition
Here comes the dietitian
As for phlebotomy
I hope they've forgotten me

Now here's comes the physio
I feel a bit dizzy though

And as the day ebbs
I get through my nebs
More IV's
“Hot drinks, please!”

I think they'll soon need to change my line
Left arm or right, they can both be a swine

Tomorrow it’s Ward Round so the pace is frenetic
Must remember my BM's cos I’m now diabetic
They'll fix me soon, I have no doubt
I must get well before the next bout!


  1. good old foulis, so true- especially the bit about the phlebs!

    1. Glad you like it, Jo. I did this three years ago when I'd been in hospital for nine weeks. Was going a bit stir crazy!

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